Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health & Pregnancy | Dentist in Southlake, TX | Lake Cities DentalThe mouth is the gateway into the body.  Regardless of a woman’s overall health, changes typically accompany a woman during pregnancy.  These changes are also associated with one’s oral health, particularly with the teeth and gumsOral health is sometimes overlooked in overall health care during pregnancy.  Being better-informed can result in better decision making for you and your child.


Discuss any dental treatment with your obstetrical care provider no matter how routine or minor the dental visit may be.  Safety and communication are important steps that result in maintaining excellent health.  Pregnancy introduces some strange things from the body.


One oral change is called pregnancy gingivitis.  As your body produces maternal hormones, it can affect your gums making them red and swollen, which can lead to bleeding.


Morning sickness can also increase gag reflexes making it more difficult to brush your teeth.  The acid from the stomach can wear on the enamel of the teeth.


Lack of appetite can also result in pregnancy in which a mineral or vitamin supplement might be prescribed.


Gum disease can trigger toxins in the body which can release a chemical called prostaglandinProstaglandin has been proven to bring on labor.


Dental X-Rays are rarely dangerous on an unborn baby and typically are not warranted unless it is extremely important and cannot wait till after the birth of the child.


Obviously any drugs or medications, oral and otherwise, would need to be communicated and cleared by your obstetrical care provider and/or any other medical doctor involved in your pregnancy.  Naturally, the best way to approach any pregnancy is to maintain a healthy mouth from your own childhood into adulthood.


If you have questions about how your oral health could impact your pregnancy, or any other questions contact Lake Cities Dental - Dentist in Southlake, TX - to make a dentist appointment.


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