Maintaining Your Smile

lampendesbleachWhen it comes to maintaining good oral health for all occasions, everyone seems to have the same questions.  Those questions typically include, how can I maintain my smile after whitening or cleaning to, what can I do to make my smile look better?  Having a whiter smile and great oral health is not only a confidence builder, but it communicates to others in a variety of ways.  It shows cleanliness, conveys organization and dedication as well as pride in a well-balanced and professional manner at work.  In personal settings, it conveys warmth and attention to details in commitment as well as a sense of attention to health and self-image.  Overall, it expresses your health conscience desire when greeting everyone you encounter.


As we get older we discover there is an ever growing list of items that stain and blemish teeth.  From coffee, to possible smoking, to wine, juices, and even minerals in waters.  It seems everything is out to destroy our teeth.  The obvious and front line of defense is brushing at least twice a day as well as flossing and rinsing with mouth wash.  There are many ADA approved products available over the counter for a consistent maintenance for good oral health.  Outside of the everyday routine are scheduled in office cleanings and in some cases and after consultation, whitening options can include bleaching, bonding, veneers, and/or inlays.


Over the counter strips may also be an option, but consult with your dental practitioner first before committing to a brand or routine.  To find the best path of success for your smile, schedule an appointment today.


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