Dental and Pregnancy

Ensuring Dental Health During Pregnancy: Your Comprehensive Guide to Oral Care for Expecting Mothers. Navigating the intersection of dental health and pregnancy is crucial for both the well-being of expectant mothers and their babies. Explore our comprehensive resources on dental care during pregnancy, from managing common oral issues to understanding the importance of prenatal dental visits. At Lake Cities Dental, we prioritize the health and comfort of expectant mothers, providing expert guidance and safe dental solutions tailored to this unique life stage. Discover how to maintain optimal oral health while expecting and promote a healthy start for you and your baby.

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Oral Health and Pregnancy

By smilemaker / October 30, 2013 / Comments Off on Oral Health and Pregnancy

The mouth is the gateway into the body.  Regardless of a woman’s overall health, changes typically accompany a woman during pregnancy.  These changes are also associated with one’s oral health, particularly with the teeth and gums.  Oral health is sometimes overlooked in overall health care during pregnancy.  Being better-informed can result in better decision making…

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