Your Child and Dental Care

Your child is susceptible to just about every germ and disease out there and most are carried from the hands to the mouth.  Being proactive and aggressive with their oral hygiene not only helps to attack these germs but promotes healthy habits that want to instill for a lifetime.


Growing kids love to eat and what they eat isn’t always the healthiest on the mouth.  Promoting regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste is recommended after every meal and before bedtime.  As a parent, you might want to supervise your young ones brushing techniques to ensure they are brushing for a full two minutes to ensure they are spending ample time in removing food particles and plaque.


Sealants can offer some help in preventing tooth decay as well.  It is a plastic-like coating that fills small grooves of chewing surfaces of back teeth.  Food, sugar, and other ingredients always find their way back into these grooves where it can be extremely hard to thoroughly clean.  When missed, they wreak havoc on a tooth or teeth.  Sealants are usually recommended on 5 year old’s and can be used on certain teeth for up to 13 years of age.


We have discussed it in a previous blog, but it cannot be stressed enough how important a mouth guard is to your child’s teeth.  If your child plays in any sport or physical activity, finding a properly fitted mouth guard is an affordable protection that parents and children will be glad they took the time to consider in future years.


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