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Caring for Your Teeth Step by Step

By smilemaker / February 1, 2014 / Comments Off on Caring for Your Teeth Step by Step

Within the quick pace of life, we don’t always adhere to good habits.  Sometimes good habits get cut short or forgotten all together.  Occasionally we need to remind ourselves or find that routine that contributes to our being healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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Your Child and Dental Care

By smilemaker / August 28, 2013 / Comments Off on Your Child and Dental Care

Your child is susceptible to just about every germ and disease out there and most are carried from the hands to the mouth.  Being proactive and aggressive with their oral hygiene not only helps to attack these germs but promotes healthy habits that want to instill for a lifetime.

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Which Toothbrush to Choose

By smilemaker / March 1, 2013 / Comments Off on Which Toothbrush to Choose

There is certainly a wide variety of toothbrushes and gadgets waiting for you in your local grocery store.  In fact, there are so many to pick and choose from that most actually pick a toothbrush that really doesn’t suit their mouth.  We’re going to cover a few things to look for to narrow that search and not…

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Now Offering Orthodontics

By smilemaker / August 15, 2012 / Comments Off on Now Offering Orthodontics

We’ve Got Great News! Dr. Moore is now doing orthodontics. Just another wonderful benefit for our patients! We offer traditional braces as well as Invisalign. You have probably seen the television ad for Invisalign Teen. We do offer Invisalign Teen but braces are not just for kids. If you have always wanted straighter teeth but…

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Celebrate Life!

By smilemaker / May 20, 2012 / Comments Off on Celebrate Life!

Everybody wants to put their best smile forward. According to a national study, teeth are the number-one facial feature that people would change… three out of four adults think that a nice smile is important to landing their dream job… 84% think that an attractive smile is important for meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. It…

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