Which Toothbrush to Choose

There is certainly a wide variety of toothbrushes and gadgets waiting for you in your local grocery store.  In fact, there are so many to pick and choose from that most actually pick a toothbrush that really doesn’t suit their mouth.  We’re going to cover a few things to look for to narrow that search and not be so overwhelmed with every toothbrush sitting on the shelves.


To narrow the field, the size of the toothbrush and the hardness of the toothbrushes bristles should be the main area of focus.  Size is important to cover all the teeth in your mouth and most adults use a head at half an inch wide and 1 inch tall.  Each package shows an age recommendation that is extremely accurate.  While bristles come in hard, medium, and soft, the soft bristles are preferred.  Harder bristles can damage your enamel and irritate the gums, especially sensitive teeth and gums.  Round-tipped bristles are the most comfortable and the safest for thorough brushing.


Both electric and manual toothbrushes are equally effective with good oral hygiene.  The difference is merely the convenience of an electric toothbrush doing the “work” of our manual efforts.  Electric toothbrushes are best for small children as it will ensure a more thorough clean that a little may want to spend the time doing.  With all the fun designs for children, it also entices little ones to want to brush as well.


You’ll know for sure which toothbrushes are working and which are not upon your next check up.  Feel free to discuss the kinds of brushes you are using.  There may be some tweaking, but eventually finding that perfect brush can be simple and effective, making that wall of toothbrushes at your grocery store less intimidating.