Bridging the Gap


Chewing food and communicating can sometimes be a difficult task when missing one or more teeth.  For a few it becomes a routine or ritual in how they consume their food daily.  For most, the problem is resolved by putting in what is called a bridge.  Whether you refer to it as a partial denture or a bridge, getting back to normalcy is merely a dental appointment away.


A bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth that can be inserted in the area where a tooth or teeth once were.  Typically they are attached to surrounding teeth for stability so they do not roll around in ones mouth unnecessarily.  There are several kinds of bridges for a dental patient to pick and choose from.  There are fixed bridges that can only be removed by a dentist while there are removable bridges that can be taken out by the owner for cleaning at their leisure.  Implant bridges are attached to the jaw or under the gums which adorn artificial teeth.  During your dental consultation, your dentist will help recommend the best possible solution in helping remedy your personal situation.


The solution to any dental issue is always a click or phone call away.  Being comfortable and living without dental issues is a quality of life that is just as important as your dental health.  Luckily there are usually several options to pick and choose from to fit the many ranges of comfort and satisfaction.