Your Aging Teeth Need your Attention

oldersmilesforawhilesSome of us know older folks, typically a great-grandparent or grandparent, who do not have all of their original teeth.  Some, however, do bolster all of their original teeth and it is more common than we may think.  With more knowledge, attention, and care being inserted into our hygiene habits, our teeth are lasting longer than ever before.  Brushing, flossing, and eating right are really the only core ingredients that are the force behind the longevity of health and happiness.  This is a strategy that we only really adhere to when we are older and more mature in our adulthood.


Did you know that medications can actually lead to cavities in older adults?  Although you may not have had cavities in a very long time, the mouth can go through a second phase of cavity prone years.  It is important to have a list of these medications for your dentist to have on file.  If you have heart or joint problems, also be sure to relay that information to your dentist.  Gum disease and mouth cancer are also a threat to the mouth area in 60+ old adults.  That is why regular checkups are a necessity in catching anything as it appears instead of well after its establishment.


Healthy dental habits are just as important as visiting your doctor regularly.  A proactive approach is always the best measure in staying healthy.  Visit Southlake, Texas’ number one dental office and family practice at Lake Cities Dental today.


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