Your Developing Mouth

teenbrushCavities are an issue that we often associate with a child’s checkup.  Truth is cavities can affect anyone at any time due to sugary snacks, sodas, and even sports drinks.  This can obviously lead to gum disease and tooth decay.  A parent can monitor and keep up with the everyday diet of their small child, however, the tracking of everyday foods and drinks can get lost on teens eating habits.  The most important habit to remember from childhood into the teen years is to brush twice a day and floss.


Teens are constantly busy with school, after school activities, and friends.  As a proactive parent, staying on top of your teen’s routine should include friendly reminders of good oral care while suggesting and encouraging healthy food options.  Our mouths are under constant attack from everything we put in it.  Lead by example especially if your child or teen is wearing braces and if your child is playing sports be sure to insist on the use of a mouthguard.


Visiting your dentist regularly will ensure that you and/or your teen’s mouth are healthy for a long time to come.  To learn more and play a fun game called Fact or Fiction go to to see just how knowledgeable you and your teen are on good oral care, or click on this link to play: