What You Learned as a Child Carries for a Lifetime

mom-and-babyDuring the development years, your childhood is a very important stage in regards to oral hygiene.  As parents, so much devotion is given to offset the habits that children place into their mouths.  From dirty fingers to exceedingly sugary foods, it seems as if staying a step ahead appears to be a losing battle.  What we do know is that your child’s teeth are very important for now and for their future.


Protecting your child’s teeth is not as important to a child, but they will thank you for their healthy mouth when they reach adulthood.  Cavities and children seem to go together like ice cream and cake.  However, instead of constant sweets, offer healthier options for food and drinks, and be sure to clean your child’s mouth after meals or whenever possible.  Believe it or not, people often forget that children’s medications include sugars to help the medicine taste better.  Always remember to clean your child’s mouth after medications as well.  Otherwise, the sugars can just sit in their mouth creating cavities.


Also, contrary to popular belief, the amount of toothpaste a child needs is no more than the size of their pinky nail and not the entire top area of the toothbrush bristles.  Staying alert whenever possible is also as effective as spending brush time with your child.  Try to avoid your child sharing things such as forks and spoons, cups, bottles, pacifiers, toothbrushes, sippy cups, and toys with other children to protect against cavities.


Last but not least, always take your child to the dentist for regular dental visits to ensure that your child’s oral hygiene is the best it can be.


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