Oral Cancer | A Candid Conversation | Part II

Though Lake Cities Dental cannot take cancer away, they actively battle it daily as they strive to provide patients with an early diagnosis through screenings. Last week we made oral cancer our focus in our post, Oral Cancer | A Candid Conversation | Part I”. This week we will continue our candid conversation about oral cancer while focusing…

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Oral Cancer | A Candid Conversation | Part I

Everyone has a Cancer Story The more we know, the better we become at taking healthy measures towards fighting and preventing disease Everyone has witnessed the diagnosis of a member of his or her family, a friend, an acquaintance or has been diagnosed his or herself. Though cancer can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation, it is nevertheless…

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The Daily Grind | A Bruxism Breakdown

Emergency dentistry

There are many theories about what actually causes Bruxism and leads teeth to grind and clench. Have you ever woken to the sound of mysterious grinding in the night and looked over to see your partner lying next to you with tension in his or her jaw?  Do your children clench their teeth as they sleep? …

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