Bad to the Breath

The causes of Bad Breath


Bad breath, or its medical term halitosis, is an embarrassing and troublesome condition that may get everyone talking about you for the wrong reasons.  Although there are many sources, it is a treatable issue if you know how to combat bad breath.  But what exactly contributes to causing bad breath?


You’re probably aware of reason number one.  Food’s heavy on onions and garlic typically sets ones breath into a rage.  Failing to brush and floss daily causes bacteria to collect which also causes bad breath.


The second is dry mouth.  Salivary gland issues, various medications, and continually breathing through the mouth can decrease the flow of saliva.  Without adequate saliva food particles cannot be cleaned away properly.  This is typically why people have bad breath when they wake up in the mornings.


If bad breath is persistent or you constantly have a bad taste in your mouth, it can be the warning signs of gum disease.  Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque, a sticky, colorless film that forms on your teeth.


Not only does smoking stain your teeth and risk your health, but it also contributes to bad breath.  Tobacco users or smokers are likely to suffer from gum disease with the risk of developing oral cancer.  If you want to quit, your dentist can offer tips on squashing this bad habit.


Sometimes bad breath goes beyond the lack of proper oral care and hides itself in medical conditions.  Liver/Kidney, diabetes, sinus or lung infections, and bronchial diseases can also be associated with having bad breath.


Good oral hygiene can combat these issues best by eliminating gum disease.  Regular professional cleanings and checkups can help to ensure the issue doesn’t exist or is treated quickly.  As always recommended, brushing twice a day, and flossing is the best deterrent in combating bad breath or any oral hygiene issues.  Brushing your tongue can also help.  Do note that mouthwashes are generally cosmetic in do not have a effect on long-lasting fresh breath.